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Five Minute Showcase

Five Minute Showcase

Sometimes you get so busy with work that time consuming projects are off the table. For those times I look for simple craft projects that I can do in a few minutes to add to my ephemera collection. 

It’s a great way to do a clean up job for all those little scraps you collect.

It’s also a great way to use papers and colors from paper blocks that you would’t normally use in a project. For me, I know this bright purple and purple floral wouldn’t be showing up in a lot of projects but I didn’t want to waste the paper.

You can find a lot of inspiration by watching YouTube crafters, especially the ones who show you the process. Thanks to Gayle Agostinelli, a popular YouTube crafter who inspired this latest project. You can check out her channel below.

This project inspired me to find new ways to use text and letter stamps as backgrounds.

Just adding a letter text in the background made all the difference in taking these mini collage clusters to the next level. I used a small postcard stamp to determine the size and they can be used front and back, nice little tuck for a small pocket. I also created some napkin collage tags and used and small shop tag for a tag tab top.

What can you create?


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