Quick Craft – Christmas Card Tags

Recycled Christmas Cards

One of my favorite craft tools helps me create various useable items while recycling cards and other paper scraps.

A three size tag punch is a great tool I use all the time. It was not expensive and it saves me a lot of money to make tags, bookmarks and other keepsakes. I got mine half off using a coupon at a well known craft store.

It also helps me reduce clutter and gives me a way to share memories. If I have cards without envelopes these extras go toward recycling.

Who doesn’t love Christmas cards with all of the beautiful designs? I have many boxes of them and probably would never have enough time to recycle them in to new cards or other craft projects so this quick project is ideal.

With planning you can get multiple tags from one card. Try to keep at least one major element from each theme and you have a set of gift cards to adorn multiple gifts in a package or gift bag adding a unique expression to gifts. They can also be adorned further with ribbons or lace.

I even make extras to tuck in to Christmas or other greeting cards and if my gift is a book I use them to make bookmarks. You can use these tag shapes to make tab tops or tabs for pages in junk or art journals. 

My multi size tag punch is one of the most useful additions to my craft supplies helping me create beautiful and useful items while recycling paper products for others to enjoy as much as I have.

Arrangement of tags and bookmarks made from Christmas cards. They can be adorned further with ribbons or lace. They can be trimmed with decorative scissors or punched again with stars, hearts or other shapes. They can be ornaments or you can add a pocket to tuck in gift cards. They add that extra touch to gift sets or themed gifts and they can be tucked in to correspondence as a small gift.


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