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Use Your Scraps

Sometimes paper hoarding has its drawbacks. Often you end up with piles of itsy bitsy scraps that you have no idea what to do with.  It also doesn’t take long to run out of ideas for using those paper scraps that end up looking like Swiss cheese after you’ve punched them to make other things.

I recently had some bits and pieces left over from fussy cutting butterfly scrapbook paper that I thought were too colorful not to use so they sat there in my scrap box for a long time. I went searching for ideas for small ephemera projects and came up with a few that I am sure I will re-use. 

I also got a new flower shapes punch that wastes a lot of paper so those scraps were also taking up space. As I was playing around with making patterns from a single flower stamp to use as a background pattern on ATC cards it occurred to me they could be used as stencils, something I don’t have a lot of. 

I spent a cold afternoon coming up with new ways to use these scraps for new ephemera. They are like little multi color collages that can be embellished in myriads of ways and all were created using more scraps.

I save almost everything, including page margins, page numbers, little dots for flower centers, letters, sentences and elements from book pages and even letters from stamped text that didn’t turn out quite right. Why I don’t know but I enjoy the challenge of trying to use almost all of it in some new creative way. I know I will use the leaf shape in the stencil in many different ways to make background patterns.

I use blank page margins trimmed from book pages to stamp new words if the paper quality is good. I use parts of sentences to embellish ephemera or journal cards to use as writing prompts. I use single sentences or letters out of text stamp mistakes. Even a book with not a lot of usable content for junk journaling has plenty of lovely sentiments. They are also usually just the right size if like me you find most stamps or letters just too large.

I used almost all of the ideas I often use to embellish these new little collage clusters. You can also use any shape instead of a round punch. They would make adorable hearts or postage stamp bases. 

This project is also quick. Don’t use a whole book page or scrapbook paper page. One half is fine to get several collage bases.

And when you are done, don’t despair over creating new scraps. There are always new ways to make those scraps almost disappear in no time.

*Note to self, stop grabbing the easy point and shoot for video pics (sorry).

Tip: To make working with tiny paper scraps easier I use a small amount of poster tack on the tip of an old mechanical pencil. You just have to work the poster tack a little to soften it up before using. It works like a charm to apply dots of glue and get your elements placed just where you want them without fumbling.


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