New Tutorials

New Tutorials

How To Perfectly Extract Text From A Page

The first in a series of tutorials featuring some of the techniques that I use often when creating my digital papers.

While most of my videos feature paper crafts I have been exploring new video content and was pleased to find it was going to be easier than I thought with no additional software purchases or downloads. I hate to reveal it is a little robotic as I was so exhausted from attending a funeral that day, driving a long distance and then three filming attempts to get it right which I wasn’t expecting as the trial run ran smoothly. I was almost falling asleep at my desk.

I have a few tutorials in mind already but will probably do a little repeating with different images in order to teach the technique well.

Some people may not realize that I also sell digital kits for designers and other merchandise creators from my extensive resource collection (collected over many years), I am a design hoarder in addition to being a paper hoarder as well I’m sorry to admit.

This technique also works well when beginning t-shirt or poster design. Actually it can be used for many types of design work, especially if you want to capture a vintage style that would be very time consuming to recreate.

This technique also shows how to color an image to take full advantage of blending modes that don’t always work the same in layer styles.

If you are a paper designer I hope you find it a helpful way to explore using the technique in your own designs.


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