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Thank You For Being A Friend

Afraid that the friends of her younger days were slipping away, Gina Hamadey wrote them notes of gratitude – and learned that some bonds can’t be broken.

A book excerpt in Real Simple magazine issue September 2021 inspired me to take the inspiration a step further than a simple postcard photo sent to friends in gratitude just for being who they are. Gratitude journals are great for remembering what you are grateful for but wouldn’t it be great to make someone else’s day too?

An old box of photographs can lend clues as to what to create or what to include. Select a picture of a friend and just write a simple note. An example from the article written below might go something like this;

“Oh man, there was a time when you lived in Amsterdam and I lived in Italy and we were entirely carefree. Did we appreciate it. We were eating ice cream so that’s a start. Miss the days I could spend hanging with you and miss you. I’m so grateful for our years of friendship”

I agree with the author, this type of thing can quickly grow into long rambling letters  instead of just a short note about gratitude so it was nice that she included writing samples as this also helped generate ideas.

I began with a digital envelope, flaps removed and made sure I printed notepaper on the back side for writing. My sample which is just a friend simulation as I didn’t want to include personal items in the video is just one example of this idea. I included rollerskating rink tickets and a stamped library card with the words ‘and they lived happily ever after’… it also includes a ‘remember when’ stamp on the back to write a shared memory. Since I did save school day notes from special friends I thought it might be nice to scan one and use that to make a torn pocket. Of course everything can be embellished as you wish but I decided on an envelope band for a simple closure, decorated with a rosette flower.

I was immediately inspired by this idea and I thought it would make a great keepsake letter to send to any special person, beyond even a home made card or photo book as it can be embellished and filled with so many things, maybe even a return card that will be sent back so you can remember how you were reminded to be grateful for the people in your life but also how you shared your uplifting thoughts with others.

I hope it inspires you


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