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Junk Box

Watch What I Create From My Junk Box Paper

This is the box where I throw all of my unused scraps, stamp fails, card fails etc., the items that don’t belong anywhere else. It’s my paper play house that helps me stay creative. This box also helps me stay more organized as this is the last box before something either gets thrown away or toward the paper pulp bin.

I try to keep creations in mind that will always find a use like gift tags, notebook covers, gift card/money holders, tea holders, envelopes, note card backgrounds etc. and then they go in to another pretty container to use as needed. A little embellishment from my ephemera boxes and they were finished.

It’s also a feature I’ve been wanting to do for a long time as I really like this style of videos, sometimes it is just more relaxing. It requires some more planning on my part as I forgot to pay attention to time and had to edit the video leaving one project out but fortunately pictures helped saved the day.

Great idea for Sunday crafting or for when you aren’t up to starting a paper project. I hope this idea inspires you to hang on to your beloved paper just a little while longer, find a nice keepsake box for it and enjoy your time just creating something from scraps.



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