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Espresso Press Design is a site dedicated to creative pursuits showcasing my shops on Shopify and Etsy offering quality digital paper products and designer resources. It features blog posts with videos about many types of paper crafts, tutorials for paper designers, free resources for paper crafters and free easy to download paper samples for visitors. For any graphic design work contact Mary & Ferrari Graphic Design, Ferrari Graphic Design or Ferrari Web Development (links in footer).


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Mary Ferrari

Graphic Design



2003 - Present

Mary & Ferrari

Partner. Full service design agency.

2001 - 2002

Newspaper Publishing

Independent Newspaper Publishing. Advertising and publication layout design.



Photo Editor, Ad design. Newspaper, specialty publication, and book publication design.

About Me

As I began my design career I was fortunate  to have some very experienced mentors in the printing and publishing business which opened many avenues for job opportunities, including independent publications. As a staff member I was able to participate in the publication of many newspapers, ads, books, magazines, and tabloids which quickly honed my print publication skills. 

In 2003, after completing my education in graphic design followed by additional logo design and branding courses, I began a partnership graphic design business in Italy with my husband, Mary & Ferrari Graphic Design. My husband also had a previous print career in the book publishing industry after design school in Milan. As a full service design agency this opened many areas to us to utilize our creative skills such as packaging, ad design, interior displays, signage, way finding, web design, extensive web development etc. This allowed us a deep dive into business and commercial art. In addition to maintaining a full client roster which continues to expand, we constantly update our skills to enable us to better serve our clients.

I eventually specialized in branding and identity which included brand strategy. I have worked with many businesses to increase their market presence and value with intensive brand management skills. Experienced designers are not just hired hands with graphic skill sets. I work hard to achieve the most effective business outcome for my clients.

After a long career of helping others achieve their business goals and having a family, I have returned to my design foundations, and have begun expanding our business with the creation of Espresso Press Media©. Espresso Press Media© includes specialty consumer graphic design products and creative assets for the increasingly expanding self publishing market operating as a small businesses. Espresso Press Design includes two shops currently selling my own line of digital products for paper crafters as well as custom and curated digital assets for use by other designers. I also sell products on this site via Stripe payment only.

In addition to nationally recognized logo design, I am also an award winning watercolor artist. For fun I take photos and sell them on sites like Adobe. I’m also an avid paper crafter which allows for a lot of creative relaxation and expression.


2001 -2005

Graphic Design
Logo Design

Sessions College For Professional Design


Graphic Design



Photoshop 95%
WordPress 75%
Illustrator 90%
InDesign 95%
Other Design Software 85%
Publishing 75%

Other websites



Streas, Milan


Matucci, Milan


Capardoni, Milan

Brochure, folder, website

Mazars, Milan

Brochure, folder, other print collateral trade show display, billboard, 

Biomat, Trento


Beato Angelico, Milan


Luce Del Vero, Bergamo



Freshtec, Pa.

Logo, product specs, website

Triangle, Pa. 

Website, development

Food Processing Components, Pa.

Logo, stationery, collateral

Giuseppe’s Finer Foods, Pa.

Flyers, folder, trade show displays, food labels

Simply Skin Medical Spa, Pa.

Logo, stationery, collateral, brochure, website, advertising

Cutting Edge Machining, Pa.

Logo, stationery, website

Cutting Edge Bullets, Pa.

Logo, stationery, website, packaging, advertising

DuFast Transit, Pa.

Logo, stationery, website, brochure, map, schedule, mailing

SixBit Software, Pa.

Logo, stationery, advertising, banners

Garretson Group, DC

Folder, stationery, newsletter

JF Media, Australia

Logo, stationery

Staar, Pa.


Roostit, Pa.


Area Transportation Authority, Pa.


The Reitz Theater, Pa. 


Rycole, Pa.

Logo, stationery

Community Connections, Pa.

Logo, stationery, website

DuBois Central Catholic, Pa.

Logo, notecards, poster, magnet other print collateral, brand strategy, development

Jefferson Manor, Pa.


DuBois Rotary, Pa.


Seger’s Industrial Radiator, Pa.

Logo, website

Aaron Peters, Chiropractor, Pa.


DejaVu Photography, Pa.

PA Six Regional Workforce Solutions, Pa.



Veteran Painting Plus, Pa.



 Loaded Creative, State College Pa.


Point 4 Ltd., Pittsburgh


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