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Repurpose Your Machine Embossing and die cutting offer many opportunities to take your paper crafting to new levels but you

Paper Charms

Scrap buster project One of the best ideas I've come up with for using my scraps, which were getting out

Paper Ornaments

Inspiration I was inspired to create some ornaments after watching one of my favorite paper crafters on YouTube. The ornaments

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers Paper flowers are a hot embellishment right now but there is no need to worry about buying multiple

Paper Bows

Recycle Paper Strips Are you looking for new ways to use your paper strips left over from trimming paper or

Paper Scraps

Use Your Scraps Sometimes paper hoarding has its drawbacks. Often you end up with piles of itsy bitsy scraps that

Latest Projects

Birthday Card A birthday card using vellum for the text overlay. Birthday Card Sometimes memories help create beautiful images and

Shopify Freebie - Tim Holtz inspired labels


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Repurpose Your Machine

Embossing and die cutting offer many opportunities to take your paper crafting to new levels but you can also use this versatile machine to make prints.

Introducing: Transitions

Limited edition scrapbook type papers. Versatile for decoupage, backgrounds or other uses where a decorative paper is desired.

Digital Printables Gallery

No design software, don't worry.

Complete your design with a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and choose the software of your choice. Get started today for only $9.99 per/month, cancel anytime.

Free design software.

Free design software from GIMP. Easy to use and download is free. Use to select, recolor, edit elements and more. Can be used for elements in Designer Kits. Get started designing today!


Looking for contest giveaways? content creation digitals?

A seriously no hassle way to draw visitors to your channel/site/group/page…. design team projects take a lot of time without offering much in return. Weekly challenges suffer from lack of participation over time. What really draws visits is FREE quality products without strings attached, high artistic value and tutorials that inspire crafters to create. Now you can get these high quality digitals with zero in expectations aside from announcing your contest prize or creating content of your choice using them. I’ll make these links available to your visitors only and/or for the duration of your contest helping you create high demand.


Are you a paper craft influencer?

Free Contest Products

  • Get free limited time digital products to give away in a contest on your site/social media page/YouTube.

Free Products

  • Get free digital paper products to use to create content on your video channel.

Here’s how:

Send a link to your channel with a short description below and if approved receive links to a range of  digital printables for contests or content.

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Customer Appreciation

Atlantic By The Sea ATC Cards

Atlantic By The Sea ATC Cards

Steampunk ATC Cards

Steampunk ATC Cards

Victoriana Postcard Collection

Victoriana Postcard Collection

The Herbal Companion ATC Cards

The Herbal Companion ATC Cards

Looking for free advertising

Not all junk journal creators and paper crafters have their own channels but would like to advertise their Etsy products. In fact some of the most beautiful journal and other paper craft creators don’t have sites of their own to sell their products. Read more below to learn how you can get your product out there and increase your sales.

Paper crafter?

Are you a paper crafter? Do you make junk journals, cards or other paper crafts that you sell?

Free Advertising

  • Get free advertising on my YouTube Channel.


  • I will feature your junk journal, cards or other suitable paper crafts to help you spread the word about your product.

Here’s how:

Send 4-8 high quality photos of your project. If approved I will create a video with music and feature them on my YouTube channel along with a link to where your product is sold. At the end of your series of photos; I will include my own products.