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Marker Play

Marker Play

A new marker play.

I learned that I can make some really bright and beautiful collage fodder but when I tried to replicate any advanced technique that I can do with watercolor, coffee or tea dying it was extremely difficult to achieve with markers and I’m still not sure why. I’m not disappointed with the experience but without being able to predictably achieve a result I think for now I’ll just stay with simply coloring paper with markers as a great recycle idea.


What you’ll need:


Sprays bottle w/alcohol water mix

Copy paper

Stencils or clear stamps

When it comes to creativity not every experiment is successful but there is always something intriguing to explore and when I get more time I will. I think the vibrant and non grainy color is a plus and I’m sure these papers will shine in the right project.

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.