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Typographic Stripes

Typographic Stripes

Do you like graphic styles? This project uses magazine typestyles instead of whole words to create abstract graphic forms. Now you can use scrap words to create a new design for journal cards, tiles, master board bases or backgrounds. Pop an image on top or adorn with whatever you choose to finish. 

This project nicely complements last week’s photo journal cards if you’d like to consider this theme as a series.


What you’ll need:

Magazines, newspapers, packaging (anything with graphic type that you can easily cut)

Base (file folder or card stock)



Try picture pages, portraits, comics, flowers, numbers or any other design and repeat as shown in the tutorial to create more abstract backgrounds.

The stripes don’t have to be equal width and you can go vertical, horizontal or even diagonal. You can try a wave instead of a stripe. Fill in any gaps with a single letter, sentence, pattern or different color if you desire. Turn the text too to complete your design until you are satisfied with the final result.

Instead of looking for appropriate text to add to a project now you can think of using items just for color, form or even texture and come up with an entirely new design. 

Happy paper crafting!


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