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Quilt Card Bases

Did you ever have a creative slump?

While it doesn’t happen too often I just found my creativity waning recently. True, a lot of other things on my plate and I had a few recent craft purchases that didn’t live up to expectations but aside from all of that I just couldn’t get inspired.

All of that changed recently with two things. Switching out my video streams for some different paper crafters and finding some new card inspiration.

These quilt cards have inspired me to make some new card bases. I can imagine them in myriads of styles and I have already made at least 10 in a very short time. I’ve also made some smaller squares for embellishments.

While I haven’t looked yet the designer who inspired these cards suggested a quick look on Pinterest to find more patterns. It wasn’t hard to come up with new ones though from scratch.

While I plan on leaving them undecorated until sending I can’t wait to try more patterns and plain card stock throughout the year for different occasions.

If you find yourself in a creative slump just switch it up a little as there are thousands of paper crafters out there waiting to share their creativity.



Dimensional Tags

Last week’s video where I quickly made a couple of these tags and used some embellishments from Dollar Tree that had been sitting there in my stash for ages.

And these are the text dies that were a major disappointment. Five tries through the BigShot and most still did not cut the whole way through. I’ve made several more attempts with shimming but still no luck. I’m now waiting for a new set and hoping they are much better quality. 

And the reason for purchasing in the first place? Still not much improvement in my stamping after buying a different type of ink, so I thought this will be foolproof and no more wasting paper over failed stamping attempts, I’ll just buy dies. Dies and embossing, two areas where I always have a beautiful result. Alas, it was not to be or at least not yet.

While I missed creating a post last week, this is another designer who helped spur me on to create something different. I like these dimensional tags as they are like a card and tag combined. 


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