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Book Page Ideas – Junk Journals – Envelopes – Tags – Ephemera

How To Hide Graphic Content

A lot of times I buy books just to use the hard cover for making journals, however sometimes the content of the books is too graphic to use a lot of the pages. This is the case with a couple of books I bought. The paper is nice, has the feel of linen and good quality so I don’t necessarily want to use the book pages for a glue catch all, stamping off or other wasted items so I came up with a couple of ways to use the pages where they either won’t be read or can’t be read easily.

Also a bit of news. I injured my foot pretty badly recently so walking, working and crafting was pretty much out. I posted a couple of graphic pics in this video. In the near future I might do a video of quick take crafts that you can easily bag or box so that if you find yourself in a similar situation you can be prepared. I just didn’t want to take the chance of walking up and down the stairs or standing so I could avoid worse problems. Happy to say it is healing nicely and was glad to avoid wound care.

Sorry can’t post a new photo, having major problems with WordPress at the moment or the host, not quite sure which but this seems to happen every summer. I wish I could move off of WordPress completely as it seems plug ins or upgrades just interfere with stability but at the moment I just can’t. I’ve deactivated, disabled, cleaned up etc. and just can’t seem to fix this recurring problem on my own so for the time being I posted an older photo.



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