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Origami Plus Envelopes And More

Origami Envelopes & More

Do you have multiplying stacks of digitals or other papers that are still useful but not essential to a particular project and are becoming clutter? This project uses full or half sheets to reduce that clutter in a hurry.


What you’ll need:

Paper, digitals, sheet music, book pages, magazines, any paper will do.




These six paper project ideas begin with either a square or rectangle and then proceed with various folding techniques to make envelopes, bookmarks, photo corners, writing space and note pads. At most you might have paper strips at the end which are more manageable. Create various ephemera for journals, office or other uses and decorate as desired. 

Some simple ideas include:

  • Collection, coupon or ephemera holder envelopes
  • Purse or drawer organizers
  • Bookmark collections for home library or school
  • Mini notepads
  • Corner protectors

Try these fast and easy projects to keep or gift while reducing paper clutter. Memorize them to help keep paper clutter to a minimum in your office or craft space. 

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.