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Showcase – Shaped Paper Flowers

Shaped Paper Flower Project

I have been enjoying making these paper flower creations for gifts and embellishments.

I used die cuts and tried several different papers. All elements are made with paper. I made a glue/water sizing mixture to soak paper for some of the elements. To shape the stems and curled elements outside the flower I used the tiny cut off edges from scrapbook paper, dipped my finger in the sizing and ran it along the paper until it was lightly soaked and then I carefully began to twist the paper until it was a tight stem. I inked them slightly after dry. To make the stamens I soaked small bits of paper in the sizing mixture for a minute or two, this makes the paper work like pulp and is easy to shape into a ball. Once these are dry they stay together and are fairly durable to work with. I punch holes in the middles of my flowers and flower buds and used wax string to string the petals together, similar to using wire but easier. For the buds instead of thread I used the paper stems.

I hope this project inspires you to try shaping paper flowers. While it is time consuming to cut and shape the petals the end result is a work of art that you will enjoy displaying or giving as a gift. 

To get started I will include links to the basics and how to make the paper shadow box frame. Aside from the die cuts I didn’t have a stylus to shape my flowers, I used the round end of a metal crochet hook (not the working end) and it worked fine.

I really enjoyed the challenge of making every element with paper and coming soon I will have a tutorial how to hand cut and shape similar flowers.


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