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Shaped Paper Flowers – DIY Without A Die Cutting Machine

Video Tutorial

I was overjoyed to get my new die cutting/embossing machine for Christmas and so far I have had a lot of fun learning new paper techniques using die cuts and embossed papers. One of these techniques is shaping flowers that I learned how to make by watching a Tim Holtz video. If you are like me you want to try new things but you don’t necessarily want to invest in all of the necessary tools just to try something new in the event you are not that enthused about the technique after all so like most paper crafter you have to find tools to improvise with. In this case I found a tool I actually use more than the large embossing stylus I actually bought.

It also occurred to me that a lot of crafters don’t have an embossing machine but still might want to try flower shaping techniques so I hope this tutorial will inspire them to make their own hand cut and shaped paper flowers. Maybe try insects or other paper items too.

While it is a very time consuming paper craft I find it is a nice change from creating the usual and offers new opportunities to create different layouts while making beautiful projects that you might  actually want to frame in a combination of art, sculpture and craft. Now I am on the lookout for more ways to sculpt paper as an addition to my other paper crafts.

Tim Holtz Flower Shaping Video


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