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Gatherings – Out Of My Comfort Zone

Inspiration - Gatherings

I bought this new farmhouse paper pack from Hobby Lobby just to take me out of my comfort zone and while I didn’t use the red collection as shown in my inspiration photos the bright colors are not in keeping with my usual style and it is not just the colors but the white as well. Almost always I choose cream or muted colors but sometimes a leap out of the predictable can provide inspiration.

As usual, I start with my extensive Pinterest boards, this one Crafted Cards. I use this board for many things, cover inspiration for junk journals, shaped flower arrangements, color inspiration, layout inspiration and more. 

I gathered some inspiration photos as shown and proceeded to make a card for my neighbor and then I used a similar design for a grad card. Made a blunder on that one as written but oh well… too late now.

The gingham check and the polka dots, love it.

Love the reds and the country vibe.

Just everything. It is G45 after all.

The flowers and the pattern mix, so fun.

Finished Pieces

The fence lines, didn’t like them but in the end I left as is. Note to self, pay attention.

I like that it is bright, fun and sweet and summery which is what I wanted. I hope it brings my neighbor some good cheer.

I gave it another go using a different paper pack for a grad card and you know what I did? I think I placed the emboss upside down. Yep, I think I did and I didn’t notice until I saw the photos.

Too late, already given. A big oopsie… but here’s hoping it wasn’t noticeable, thankfully I didn’t ink the emboss. This is a similar corner tuck gift card holder as seen for a previous card. Works very well.

I know I’ll be mixing these patterns in the future for some more whimsical flowers as shown in the cards.

Lots of pages of shabby papers to try pattern mixing.

Let me know what you make on my Facebook page/s, I’d love to see it.

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