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Gatherings – Crazy Quilts

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Reinterpreting Fabric Designs

I save designs from many types of crafts in my paper craft and card design boards. Quilts are a favorite for card design. This time instead of a typical quilt pattern I wanted to try a crazy quilt. Who doesn’t love the mix of shapes, colors and embellishments. I wanted to try to re-interpret using only paper and avoid the sewing machine. I have only seen one crazy quilt card and it was done with stamps only. I came up with a system to mimic the quilt base with paper instead of fabric. I created it on a larger sheet and then cut it down to size to make a 5.25×4″ card base similar to a master board. I also made a few tags from the experimental pieces. A video will be coming soon. 

Below are some of the inspiration pieces I found to begin that are saved on boards, links included if there are any. Crafted Cards, I use this board for many things, cover inspiration for junk journals, shaped flower arrangements, color inspiration, layout inspiration and more. Both this and Pretty Little Paper Crafts get filled with different things from time to time for the occasions I can’t find a paper inspiration piece. These inspiration pieces I am sure will lead to many more paper craft designs, it was so much fun and just what I needed to get out of a creative slump. I hope they inspire you to try your hand at a re-creation of a well known craft.

Happy paper crafting!

This actually made me want to try sewing again, probably one of my favorite inspiration pieces.

One of the best things about crazy quilts is the variety. 

This one is filled with so much interesting ephemera and embroidery. A real challenge trying to know what to keep and what to leave out for a paper craft.

The mix of everything on this one was very inspiring. A true labor of love.

Each fabric piece seems like it’s own little canvas. Solid colors or patterns, anything goes for a crazy quilt.

How to re-interpret embroidery with paper only? It is a signature of crazy quilts. I’m challenged as I don’t care to do slow stitching either.

Finished Pieces

One of my first attempts made completely from scraps. Since I had never made a crazy quilt I spent a lot of time watching videos to learn how to piece one together.

In the end I went with paper designs that seemed like they could be both fabric and stitched so I didn’t have to use a pen to make stitches. The black piece was actually the center of my large base. I actually forgot to include one of the elements I wanted to and that was a quilt piece that was a solid color that was embossed.

Let me know what you make on my Facebook page, I’d love to see it.



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