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Old Unwanted Photos

Do you have old unwanted photos that you don’t quite know what to do with? I have boxes and boxes full of painting reference photos that aren’t exactly worth keeping for artistic value as I always had multiples of each image so I decided to combine them with some word salad faux washi and turn them into journal cards. I hope this inspires you to take a walk down memory lane and create something new with your old unwanted photos too.


What you’ll need:

Photos or images

Book pages and decorations




Begin by aging your photos and book pages with ink if you desire. I chose flowers and book pages. It’s fun to find your own word salad to illustrate your photos, they can be literal or try adding a journal prompt or other inspirational quote or poem. These photos might not be generic enough for the public so choose text that you find personal, they’ll still have familiar meaning for you and are great for personal journals.

Use magazine images or any images or backgrounds for the faux washi tape alone.

Lightly misting the paper with water makes creating faux washi or stickers a breeze. Use invisible tape if you don’t want shiny tape. I press in my Sizzix when all is completely dry which kind of gives the effect of both a rub on transfer and a sticker, it really embeds the washi into the background. This faux washi is also great for adding to collage or multiple layers as it’s very thin. You can trim like washi or leave the edges ragged.

I know this faux washi technique will be staying in my craft idea toolbox, great for getting the most out of that last bit of paper before you toss it.

Happy paper crafting!

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