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Creative Ways With Wax Paper – Wax Paper Printing/Transfers

Wax Printing Transfer

Did you know that you can use the resist of wax paper to transfer not only the wax from the paper but ink as well?

I wanted to try an advanced batik technique using an old wax paper iron transfer technique. It didn’t go as planned (I don’t think wax paper can be used for layers of color or wax as with true batik, there is just not enough wax, however two layers of color are possible, just use a color base) and I didn’t have time to experiment with more methods to try a faux batik but I thought I’d share how you can at least transfer a print by using wax paper without using an iron but by using a brayer instead.


Wax Paper Printing

What you’ll need:

Wax Paper



Embossing folders (your choice)

Paper to transfer your embossed design on to

Wax Paper Resist Wax Transfer Method Using An Iron – Gina K.



Double wax paper or place copy paper in with your wax paper to increase thickness to get a deeper emboss and avoid tearing.

You can try using die cut shapes, one or more instead of embossing folders to transfer wax to paper using an iron. Lay each die cut piece carefully before ironing and cover with parchment or copy paper.

You can try using your die cut machine to run a ‘print’ after inking instead of using a brayer. You can also try acrylics as with a gelli plate instead of ink. The embossed wax paper might flatten too much after one or two uses but you can support it, just glue to a heavier paper and just use the wax side as a ‘printing’ plate.

If you would like to use the inked wax paper for something other than a transfer you can probably use Stazon ink.

Sealing the ink on wax paper will require a medium and adding any wetness will cause the ink to bleed. Or sandwich the inked layer between one or two more sheets to avoid this.

You can use this technique to pattern digital back sides if you don’t like backside printing. It is a dry technique.


There is so much you can do with wax paper aside from keeping your space clean, both the wax and the transparency offer much possibility for creativity.

Once you overcome it’s limitations, it can be laminated, used as a wax or print transfer, it can be easily cut with support, use it to make bags, envelopes, tags, pockets, flips, collage fodder, stencils and more.

I hope this inspires you to see what you can do with wax paper. 

Happy paper crafting!


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