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One Sheet Cover And Mini Journal – Great For Beginners – First Etsy Share

Mini Journal Inspiration

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a project worth doing a video for but I finally got back to the program. 

I actually created this back in the fall, waited to get some new vintage papers to make the signatures and then realized I couldn’t bind it as simply as I wanted with staples so it is still not finished. A smaller size will be able to be staple bound. I also wanted to keep it open as I did this quick tutorial so I didn’t forget how to fold it properly.

It was inspired by a card fold design and for me it is the perfect size for a small keepsake journal, this one will be filled with photos, memories and keepsakes from a family trip up to the mountains in the fall.

I forgot to include in this video (take two, hope I get my sea legs back soon) that it only works with a square sheet and double sided heavy paper is best.

I also included some news and my first ever Etsy Share:

Nostalgic Greetings

I hope this inspires you to create some mini journals in a theme that you like.

Happy paper crafting!


Double Pocket Card Design

Sorry, I forgot to clean up the audio so you might want to lower the volume until the background buzz is not so noticeable.

Nostalgic Greetings

DIGITAL Printable ATC Floral Ladies Collage TeaCards - Victorian Vintage Junk Journal Tags/Scrapbook Flowers 48 Tiles - 2"x3" - A4 DOWNLOAD


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