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Inspiration - Gatherings

Welcome to my third Gatherings post where I invite you to join me in my creative journey in the wonderful world of card making, mistakes and all. I so admire the craftsmanship of the card images I collect and maybe someday I’ll get there…. 

This birthday card is for the twin sister of my cousin whose card we made first and featured in last gallery post as seen here.

Almost always I start with my extensive Pinterest boards, this one Crafted Cards. I use this board for many things, cover inspiration for junk journals, shaped flower arrangements, color inspiration, layout inspiration and more. Both this and Pretty Little Paper Crafts on Pinterest as well gets filled to over flowing with inspiration.

Second card for twin sister birthdays.

Night and day, these two, one is blond, one is brunette and they never looked alike. This cousin is a little bit country, relaxed and very down to earth. Let’s see if I can come up with something that is a mixture of all of these lovely cards. Do I dare try anything with too much alignment after my frustration with the last one? 

The following cards were my inspiration, links included if there are any.

Love this one but have nothing similar in my paper stash. The littles cluster on the center of the flower is adorable.

I know she like quilts and this one is kind of fun with the mix of colors.

More quilts, this one is gorgeous, love the paper, maybe a little too Christmas for spring but still love the concept and the center is stunning.

I like how whimsical this one is and I’ve seen her wear some bright colors but maybe a little too young for her.

Another quilt and like that it is embossed. Again have nothing resembling the paper but do have a nice background emboss folder that might work. I think my second save from this paper crafter.

This one really caught my eye as just the right combination of down to earth and country and love the bold jewel, not sure about the button but really interesting layering.

Finished Pieces

This was my fourth attempt at this card. Try as I might I just did not like the bright pink in the card below and every attempt to tone it down only made it more bright. More planning from my inspiration would be wise. And then having never done a herringbone quilt card I thought I  messed up the pattern but apparently it is mix and match if desired. It’s a really crazy quilt.

Didn’t have the perfect jewel either but I so loved the bold center on the one inspiration card that I just went with it. Hated the original baby blue border, epic save. Do I save it or do I toss it?

After so much work I just decided good enough is good enough. The stamp is on a book page bottom. Love that paper except for the white, not my thing. I wish I could’ve salvaged my flower from the other card to use but didn’t want to tear it apart just yet. It’s not that it is terrible, just not right for her. So how did I do? It’s not as country as I wanted but the quilt is there, stitching is there, the embossing is there. The down to earth rustic is only slightly there and I would eliminate the squares if I could. Nothing looks out of place in the inspiration cards as it does in mine but it will have to do

A little flip through clip from a new video of some recent cards including this one, the colors look a little more realistic, especially the jewels. Thanks for watching.

Let me know what you make on my Facebook page, I’d love to see it.



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