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Vintage Wrapping Paper Journal Cards

Wrapping Paper Journal Cards

A scrap buster project with a few ideas for using your cherished wrapping paper. Use old wrapping paper scraps before you begin your current holiday craft projects to clear the deck or use this quick idea for journal cards if you’ve run out of steam but still want to add more details to Christmas projects.

Pocket Pouches

What you’ll need:

Scrap wrapping paper

Card bases, file folder, card stock etc.

Invisible tape

Ribbon or other embellishments

Glue and scissors

Wrapping paper is very thin making it ideal for collage. This is one project where tape and paper already coordinate so don’t worry if your vintage scraps already have bits of tape on them, it just adds to the charm. Embellish as you wish.

Don’t forget to include wrapping paper in journals, even a scrap, it is a memento that will make you smile each time you see it. If your season is filled to the brim with activities or travel, make a board book with wrapping paper as a relaxing post holiday unwind project, a bit of nostalgia that warms the heart on those cold winter days.

Happy paper crafting!


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