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Greeting Card Bookmarks

Greeting Card Bookmarks

A new way to repurpose, recycle and reuse greeting cards that is a little different from making a simple journal card. These bookmarks are designed to hinge over a page with a tab top. They make great place holders or hidden journaling spaces. Simple or embellished you can make a stack of these in no time.


What you’ll need:

Greeting cards, your choice.

Paper to cover unwanted text or writing


Scissors or trimmer

Scoreboard or scoring tool 

Corner punch, helpful but not necessary

Cut your bookmarks to the width you desire, keeping the fold. On the fold side, score at 1/2″. Burnish lightly. Apply glue in the hinge area only to seal your tab top.

Cover any areas on your card that you want hidden with extra paper. You can use plain paper if you want writing space, use a matching decorative paper or for small areas use a sticker.

Cut your corners as desired with a corner punch, like a tag or leave as is. 

You can embellish these bookmarks as much as you desire or keep them simple. Some ideas:

  • a hole in the tab to dangle a charm as the cards are sturdy enough
  • some labels on the tab
  • Use a decorative edge punch at the bottom of the bookmark
  • add some lace

These bookmarks are simple enough for kids to make. It’s easy to make multiples from one card and they are a great way to repurpose, recycle and reuse greeting cards,

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.