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Hidden Paperclip Ideas

A part one video, why and how I am tackling my scrap pile up after storing instead of using for five months.

Hidden Paperclip Ideas

I’ve never been that happy with the way my hidden paperclips turn out and since I use these a lot for keeping loose papers in order and have a ton of scraps to make them I thought I would continue exploring this fun paper craft. Maybe you’ll like some of these ideas too.


What you’ll need:


Scraps, paper and fabric, lace etc.


Packaging material



I have found that using fabric and lace to camouflage these clips has given me a way to participate in some creator projects I so admire but don’t feel that my skill level can tackle an entire journal in their particular style. It is a good way for me to step out of my comfort zone with smaller projects and keep their ideas in mind for when I might be ready to try more.

Happy paper crafting!


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