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Embellished Page Tabs

Embellished Page Tabs

This project embodies the fun of clusters and collage but also has practical function for use as page elements, to make pull tabs or for sturdy charm/dangle placement. Quickly build an ephemera set, plain or decorated and use as needed.


What you’ll need:

Scrap paper (any length but probably at least 1 1/2″ wide), medium weight 


Punches or scissors

Embellishments, your choice.


Scrap paper strips are a great choice to make tabs but almost any scrap will do. Tabs can be any width or length but at least 1 1/2″ – 2″ before folding is recommended. Choose a medium weight paper for sturdy tabs, heavier if you plan on using the tab to dangle a charm. Begin by folding your paper in half, no need to worry about a perfect fold, burnish and then cut to desired length. 

Cut each folded part of the corner of the tab as desired. You can use a corner rounder or cut tag shape corners to make a tab. You can also use  three shape corner punches of your choice, these come in different styles (tag shape or fancy) and are an affordable craft room investment you won’t regret.

Begin gluing embellishments of your choice, labels, postage stamps, book pages, circles, scallops, flowers, hearts, images or even lace, fabric, buttons, or appliques. Use odd numbers of items but add as many as you can, horizontally and vertically. Don’t forget the back side will show so you can wrap items around the back. 

Once you’ve mastered a basic tab, extend embellishments off the edge or layer a tab on a tab. See how many edge variations you can do but keep it functional.

These tabs will add much interest to cards, tags or page edges so get as creative as you want. They are a great scrap buster too.

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.