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Paper Ornaments


I was inspired to create some ornaments after watching one of my favorite paper crafters on YouTube. The ornaments were sewn but I thought they could just as easily be made of paper. 

At right is a showcase video of these ornaments.

They are extremely versatile and this is one of those rare occasions where you can decorate both sides and still have it show as the ornament is displayed.

They can be for any occasion, Christmas, Valentines and they can be multipurpose function, glue an envelope in back for a note, gift card etc., a tea bag, some scented sachets etc. 

I also found it a great way to quickly use scraps. I had a great time making the packaging for these ornaments too and found a paper cd case to be ideal.

Inspiration links here and in video description: Gayle Agostinelli and Padded Heart Co. Product links included in video description as well.



So excited to be featured on Gayle’s channel, Watch Espresso Press Design On Gayle Agostinelli and not just me but a another crafter who is extraordinarily talented and one I will be sure to watch again and again, a true artist!


Christmas calls for some glitter or bling so a quick way I added some glitter without the worry of still finding glitter in my craft room in March I used glitter glue.

Squirt a small dab on to some card stock and use another piece of card stock as your ‘brush’. Scrape up a little glue from the dab on to your ‘brush’ and scrape the edges of your item you want to glitter with it like you might use a putty knife. This not only provides shimmer but a little dimension as well. Lift carefully by sliding another piece of card stock underneath, move to a secure place and let dry completely before touching as it takes a while.

A no mess way to apply glitter!

I hope these designs inspire you to do some light paper crafting this holiday season and don’t forget they can be made for any occasion as a sweet little gift. Don’t forget your Christmas freebies if you want to make the little Victorian girl ornament.


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