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Faux Glassine – Wax Paper

Faux Glassine

A scrap buster experiment led to a stronger wax paper that I found works much better for bags and envelopes than a single sheet of wax paper. The visual texture also reminded me of ice or frosted glass so it might work well for some type of ornament or to use in a winter journal. If a true junk journal is your bag using this common kitchen item to create with might be for you! Also great for kids.


What you’ll need:

Wax paper


An image, or shape, a silhouette or dark image appears to end up more visually pleasing.

Sizzix die cut machine or other press 


Video Tutorial

The glue application isn’t as precise as required in the previous wax paper tutorials as it works a little differently than gluing paper to wax paper. It is still fragile, especially when wet but there is less likelihood of slipping and tearing your image, however it could still tear from the pressure of the Sizzix if too wet. Just cover the wax paper enough with glue to get it to adhere to itself so that you can work with it to create your finished item. My glue dries clear. The size of the finished paper or assembly is up to you.

Cut or emboss only when completely dry for best results. It will take an emboss better as it is stronger. Wax paper will adhere to itself with the right adhesive. I didn’t experiment with different adhesives for this technique.

more tips

I found that silhouettes or dark images appeared to work best since the crumpled wax paper reduces translucency. In the future those would be my first choice but some other ideas you might try are leaves, flowers, dried pressed flowers, bits of torn paper or tissue paper, other die cuts or shapes.

 I hope this inspires you to give this technique a try and make some new faux glassine. 

Happy paper crafting!


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