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Retiform Technique – Show and Chat

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Trying new techniques. I’ve recently had the opportunity to make some new cards for family and friends and that led me to explore both new and old videos. One technique I found is not new but it was new for me, called Retiform. I found this technique to be challenging and time consuming but a lot of fun and it was nice to not have to worry about stamping quality (a skill I have yet to perfect). I can’t wait until I get a stamping platform but I have recently invested in some better inks. Who knew there was so much to learn about ink for card making?

I am also sure I won’t be investing in too many more wood block stamps even though they are lovely on their new display shelf (working on my craft room aesthetics too) and like metal type they hearken back to another day which I don’t want to see go by the wayside completely. There is something about paper crafts that don’t try to look store bought and that is part of the appeal. 

Since I have been doing other design work as of late I can’t wait to get back to crafting and designing my own products. It is a little hard to switch gears but I know that Retiform is one technique that might make it in to a work project in some fashion or maybe even a new product. I hope it inspires you to try it.


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