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Layered Labels

Layered Labels

These inspired layered labels were a nice reminder to keep layering as many elements on ephemera as possible to create interest. A label focal point is then layered with more labels, scrap paper strips, different shapes and cutouts. Finally some string adds texture and utility to dangle a charm if you desire.


What you’ll need:


Scrap card stock or heavier paper for base.

Scrap paper



Although it would be easier to create a master board with this label theme and then cut it up, my goal was to use scraps so I began with adhering larger labels, fitting as many as I could onto any size heavier paper as a base and then trimming them.

After having a focal point base it was just a matter of collaging more and more paper strips and labels of different kinds onto the top, wrapping around the back, not even bothering to trim edges. Finally a circle and hole creates a place for a knot to add more texture and to hang a charm or more paper ephemera like the little dog tags shown in the video.

Later I will add splatters to create even more texture onto these labels. You can also add a border with ink, marker or metal marker as I did.

Whether you are creating an ephemera stash, wanting an easy project for inspiration or just seeking to use as many type scraps as possible in one sitting this project is perfect.

Happy paper crafting!


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