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12×12’s #4 Pocket Album

Pocket Album

This pocket album was inspired and the size is almost passport size, a comfortable little ephemera holder. It’s simple, holds a lot and can be embellished just enough to add your own flair.


What you’ll need:

One 10″ x 10″ sheet double sided scrapbook paper.

Scoreboard or scoring tool

Punch or scissors (for notches)


Trim a 12×12″ scrapbook paper, double sided to 10″. You will have two remaining strips, one will be 10×2″ and one will be 12×2″. 

Begin with your 10x1o inch sheet and score at 5″. Make a quarter turn and score at; 2″, 5 3/4″ and 9 1/2″. Cut your paper at the two inch side up to the scoreline. Cut and remove the upper right of the 1/2″ strip. If desired make another score before the two inch score to create a small spine. Construct, fold and glue as shown in the video tutorial. 

Your leftover strips can be used to make tags, add more pockets, make a closure or for whatever else you desire. A few examples are shown in the video.

This three pocket album is a simple but great start for learning how to construct different types of booklets/wallets to hold ephemera.

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.