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Pocket Hearts

Pocket Hearts

Super easy and versatile pocket hearts. Use as a journal tuck, pocket, tag, card front, journal stuffer or a simple Valentine that is so easy kids can make them too. You might find pre-cut store bought heart shapes to make this project even faster.


What you’ll need:

Two hearts the same size. Classic style hearts work best.

Packaging or card stock

Paper of your choice



Use a die, punch or template to cut out your two identical hearts. The heart shape for the base should be a little sturdier so I glued my design paper onto packaging before cutting. The second heart is aligned with the first but upside down and opposite side as shown in the video. Glue together and fold over the edges to form the front pocket, secured with a little dab of glue. Adorn however you desire with more hearts, lace, buttons, bows or little bits of ephemera and fill the pocket.

Make these heart pockets with any paper and any size. Layer them for a more dimensional ornament. You can even fill them with a little chocolate or some tea for some very quick last minute Valentine’s.¬†

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.