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Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags

What to do with tiny bits of paper and book pages that may be piling up in your craft room as they are mine. 


What you’ll need:

Book pages

Paper strips


Scissors or trimmer

Embellishments of your choice

I didn’t want to spend the time to make yet another master board as I have several waiting to be finished. The smaller master boards usually become tiles and I have enough of those too so I have been making as many little things as I can think of that do not yet have a collection before I finally sort through these last envelopes and toss what can be tossed.

One idea was tabs (I don’t have any in that category). Another was word strips made from magazines with tape and finally these little tags that can be fillers for journals. As I don’t like torn paper clusters that much I also thought they could be a cluster and/or a collage base. I only added three items but when needed I will extend that number to 5, 7, 9 or as many as I can fit using tiny bits of paper.

Finally I will sort through these clear envelopes and toss the least valuable bits of paper so I can finally finish this latest New Year’s task of decluttering my craft room and start fresh.

Happy paper crafting!


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