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Valentine Card Holder

Valentine Card Holder

A cute little pop up card holder with a lot of potential for tucking the usual gift card, money, tiny Valentines, ephemera, tea, fussy cuts or just a bunch of hearts. 


What you’ll need:

10″x4″ strip of card stock or scrapbook paper, double sided is best


scissors or trimmer

closure and embellishments


Begin by scoring your strip on the 10 inch side at: 

1 1/4″

3 3/4″

5 3/4″

7 3/4″

Fold your paper accordion style and choose which side you prefer until you get a w or m shape as shown in the video. This will make a mountain that you will notch and glue on three sides. After your holder is secure, trim a sliver off of the notched pocket to insert your card. 

If you desire a sentiment behind the pocket the size will be:

2″ x 3.5″

Use a closure of your choice and fill your card holder with whatever items you desire. A very cute interactive pop up card that you can make in less than 15 minutes.

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.