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Stencil Masterboard Cards

Stencil Masterboards

A common craft room tool can turn not so great backgrounds into something new. Two surprise cuts make this a fun winter time project and easy enough for every level by using stencils for the design.


What you’ll need:

Two stencils, one for a focal point and one background type

A base for your masterboard

Glue or glue stick



Choose one color background paper or two. Randomly stencil your focal point stencil over your chosen background paper. Fill in blank areas with your pattern stencil but don’t worry too much about leaving some negative space, your background paper will. also serve as a filler.

Turn your paper over and cut into variety size strips with scissors or a paper trimmer. You can also tear if you desire.

Glue your cut pieces to your background base. Don’t overthink your design but balance the two colors if that was your choice.

After securing your pieces decide on the size of your final cuts, turn your paper design side down and surprise cut them as well. 

If you have any areas that look too sparse just use your pattern stencil to fill.

Embellish as desired with tab tops, punches and ribbon or a decorative corner. A lovely project for winter journals. Use leaves, twigs, berries or some other appropriate stencil with colors of your choice. 

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.