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One Of The Most Helpful Tips I’ve Ever Learned For Mass Making Paper Crafts

Cutting To Size

One of the most frustrating things about paper crafting is the tremendous amount of paper that accumulates in my craft room and I have utilized many tips to try to get it under control, some successful, some not. A recent one is from Pam at Paper Outpost to organize with clips and then just grabbing the entire stack to flip through. It works fine but it still wasn’t helping me cut through the stack. 

Then I remembered a video from Mostly Paper Crafts about a way to store paper in pre cut usable sizes. I spent the day doing just that, cutting my digital paper run offs in to card base sizes, 5.25×4 in. 

If journal cards or another item is your go to quick paper craft cut them down to that size and you have a neat little stack to work from.

Now I have a whole stack of a variety of card bases for quick card making that takes up a lot less space but they can also be used for other paper crafts as well. The best part is as a card, they get sent and there are enough of some designs to make a note card set for gift giving. If you have a custom stamp for on the back they are an advertisement.

I also took some smaller scraps in the stack and die cut a lot of shapes as shown on the front of the card at right. The one in back with the handwriting I just glued on to waste paper board from a box. These are sturdy enough to make book plate bases as another mass making project.

This simple little organizing tip made me feel so much better about facing this stack of papers, some of which had been in my paper box for two years. I was mindful to keep a focal point but the other awesome thing about pre-cutting is that I am forced to create from the image so they will give me plenty of opportunity for creativity instead of wondering what to do with a large blank sheet and then having odd size off cuts or worse, the dreaded torn paper scraps.

The whole stack was so inspirational I created a quick little card in no time just to see how they might work. I went for shabby vintage and it was just a matter of embellishing with some gold glitter paint and a few stamps. With these as a base you can add a lot of layers or other embellishments.

I hope this inspires you to tackle a stack of paper that leaves you wondering what to do with it and too often end up doing nothing.

And as a free thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy the Pansies Ephemera & Fussy Cuts Collection download below, no sign up necessary.

Happy crafting!

These papers are offered as a free download sample paper pack, no sign up necessary, will download automatically to your computer. Let me know what you made and share on FB, I’d love to see it.

happy pretty little paper crafts

This paper craft made with:

12 Sheets beautiful antique labels/frames with delicate rose floral backgrounds to stamp or embellish as you wish. Designed from 1876 Philadelphia Type Foundry. Ornate ephemera collection placed in easy to cut out frames. Two styles, vintage paper and black and white to print on your desired color.


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