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Marker Prints

Marker Prints

Would you like to learn a basic printing technique using styrofoam? I promise this one is a little more advanced than childhood play but is still just as fun and the results are amazing.


What you’ll need:

Styrofoam (plates or sanitized packaging)

Paper to print on (your choice)

Embossing folders & machine

Markers (old or new)

Water alcohol mix (any ratio)

Cardboard or packing material (cereal box)



Tutorial at left.

You can run a dry print, wet your paper or spray your plate with a light mist of water. You can run a basic print as shown here as a base color before this emboss technique but be sure it is completely dry.


Try to use just the side of your marker as you are coloring your plate, don’t press to hard in order to keep from damaging your plate. You can mix colors or designs on one print. Sometimes you can run multiple prints. Keep some scrap papers for cleaning your plate. Light mist only for best results.

Remember text will be backwards so reverse your embossing folder. 

Try different techniques to see what works best for that particular embossing folder and keep a note on the back.

Some of the most vibrant but inexpensive markers are from CrazyArt or Crayola. You will love the results which will be similar to alcohol inks.

You can save your plates for our next technique. See how many designs you can create and just have fun creating some vibrant backgrounds or collage fodder.

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.