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DIY Momigami – Japanese Paper Kneading Technique

Faux Momigami

I am always in search of paper techniques to use for mixed media and I am often disappointed in the results after trying to create any ‘faux’ technique. This paper kneading technique is one that didn’t disappoint. Just in time for Valentine’s Day I am in love with this technique. Finally, I can use paper that feels and looks like fabric without adding the bulk of fabric.

Momigami is a traditional Japanese paper technique using Mulberry paper and starch that was incorporated in to fabric design. It often includes gold or looks marbled.


What you’ll need:

Any paper of your choice.

You can add starch, oils or lotion but I didn’t add any of that, I didn’t want any of that in my final paper. 

I will include my video inspiration/s and some include a recipe to add tapioca starch if you desire.

Video Tutorial

Begin with your paper and just begin folding, crumpling and kneading the paper until you achieve the desired softness. Usually at least 15-20 times.

Unfold your paper after each knead and carefully re-stretch it before kneading again.


Leigh’s Art Studio

Mami Yoshida Art

Tree Maiden Art

Caterina Giglio


A mixed media keeper paper project

So far I’ve only tried this technique for a few small projects. Since I rarely use magazines I’ve found this is a way to incorporate them while eliminating the glossiness and I’m sure I will continue explore the wonderful the patterns that emerge from magazines by using this technique. It’s almost as if you are watching a new image or painting appear.

I hope this post and other included videos inspires you to try Momigami Japanese paper kneading technique as an addition to your journals or other mixed media projects.

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