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Shabby Scrappy Rag Pins

Shabby Scrappy Rag Pins

Get out your fabric, trims, charms, lace, ribbon, buttons and whatever else you can think of to make these shabby, scrappy rag pins. Make singly or as a mass make, I’ll show you how.

Not just for journals but instead of fabric clusters turn this idea into gifts for your crafty friends by borrowing the package idea too. Would look cute on a jean jack pocket for teenagers or maybe a purse or scarf embellishment for you seamstress friends. A fabric scrap buster and gift idea in one.


What you’ll need:

Safety pins or jewelry pins.

Scrap fabric.

Trim, lace, buttons, charms, embroidery thread, brads and any other embellishment you would like to add.

Glue or thread.


inspiration; karen michel

If you are not comfortable with a needle and thread or with sewing in general these can be stapled, and/or glued or try a brad. Use a glue specifically for fabric. In that case you would make them singly instead of a mass make. I explain one and demonstrate how to assemble for the mass make in the video. I also have several examples on Pinterest

Happy paper crafting!


Mass make or single make, a multi item scrap buster project.

The sky is the limit for additions to these pins.

Square or rectangle, any shape. Sew or glue. Pins or paper clips. Jewel pins or safety pins, big or small. 

Layer as desired.


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