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Mini Books

Mini Books

A great little project to clear out scraps, especially those 12″ strips and/or paper you don’t love. No sew and easy glue. When you are finished you can use more scraps to collage. A nice little project that once you learn how to make, it can be adapted to any size. It can also be extended to any number of pages just by adding to your ‘accordion’. Cute tiny books to dangle, sticker books for kids or just to tuck in a journal. Includes two pockets for tags. 


What you’ll need:

Two 3″ x 12″ strips of any paper.

One 3 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ heavier paper or card stock for your cover.

Scoreboard is helpful but not necessary, just keep folding strips in halves.


*Punch for notches

Decorate as desired. I used more scraps to make some tabs and tags. Added a string at the last minute to the spine and made a ‘zip’ closure. 

Happy paper crafting!

A great way to use scraps and keep using them to glue to pages as a collage book.

Fast and fun. Add more pages as. you learn just by extending your accordion.


Owner Espresso Press Design.