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Interactive Folio 12 x 12’s Series #7

Interactive Folio

You’ll love this interactive folio with a bonus envelope inside and although not bulky it also features a new type of closure to hold a ribbon or string. Three pages to decorate as you desire and lots of room to hold ephemera. One of my favorites.


What you’ll need:

One sheet of 12 x 12″ scrapbook paper (double or single).

One sheet 6 x 8″ scrapbook paper (double or single)(optional, for the envelope).

Scoreboard or scoring tool.



String or ribbon. 

Begin with your 12 x 12″ scrapbook paper cut into two pieces each 6×12″. Cut one of these pieces to 9 1/4″. You will then be left with another piece that is 2 3/4″. Score, fold, assemble and glue each piece as shown in the tutorial. Some helpful tips on how to cut your paper precisely are included if using directional paper.

Here are the score measurements for each piece:

6 x 12″ score on 12″ side at – 2 1/2″, 7″ and 10 1/4″.

6 x 9 1/4″ score on 9 1/4″ side at – 4″ and 7 1/2″.

2 3/4″ piece score at 1/2″.

The 6 x 8″ scrapbook paper is for the envelope. Score your 6 x 8″ paper as shown and then cut, fold and assemble as shown in the tutorial. Glue this envelope on to the flap inside your folio.

This 6 x 8″ piece score on the 6″ side at 1/2″, each side. Turn to the 8″ side and score at 2 3/4″ and 6 1/4″. 

This folio can be decorated in  a variety of ways. I left mine simple but will include the inspiration video so you can get some more ideas, especially for the flap. It is stylish whether simple or decorated. I hope you’ll keep it at the top of your paper project ideas.

Happy paper crafting!



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