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Momigami Button Clips

Momigami Button Clips...Tactile Dimension

During exploring how to use my Momigami paper I came up with these dimensional button clips to increase the tactile experience of the paper as I wanted to keep the beautiful feature of this paper kneading technique that results in paper that feels like cotton.

Button Clips

What you’ll need:

Card stock (or file folder)

  • Foam, dimensionals, card board, chip board (you will be using this to stabilize your shaped top circle)
  • Paper punch, I used a circle. A shape you can sculpt to achieve dimension. I also tried a die cut heart.
  • Stylus, crochet hook, marker (tool for shaping your ‘button’ to make it dimensional)
  • Paper clips
  • Glue
  • Paint pen or ink (optional for edges)(can also use glitter or foil paper for your back circle)


Video Tutorial

This tutorial is video only. Each step is taught better in video format.

Shaping tip:

The depth depends on how long you want to shape the flower. You can get more dimension the longer you sculpt, making the top layer quite rounded/dimensional. Adding water helps break down the fibers as well as stiffening the paper after it’s dry, allowing it to maintain it’s shape.

Beautiful Paper Techinique

I think Momigami is a beautiful paper technique to try. It adds such a tactile experience to any type of paper. It would make a beautiful addition to any page and would also make a beautiful book, a tiny charm size book, tags, pockets, tucks, flaps, page edge, ruffle or any other paper project where you would like to enjoy a tactile experience. You can see more types of paper I tried here….

I hope this inspires you to try Momigami paper kneading technique and come up with your own ideas on how to apply it to your designs.

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