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Hidden Paper Clips New Style

Hidden Paper Clips

My new favorite way to make hidden paper clips. Double clips and a notch seems to give more stability, no warping. Two pockets are standard but you can add as many more as you like and embellish as you please. Get out your scraps, fill the pockets and embellish as you wish.


What you’ll need:

Three strips same size paper (card stock or heavy weight is best for top layers) – project size is 2 1/2″x 8″.

Paper clips


Embellishments and ephemera

I don’t know if the third inside strip paper weight matters as much as the outer two but I used card stock weight for all three strips. Whatever size you choose all three are the same measurement. You’ll want to be mindful of direction after folding and you might want to choose double sided paper until you learn how to make these in the event you have to make adjustments as I did. Two strips get glued pocket style. 

After assembly decide and measure your cover design, embellishments and ephemera for the front, back and inside of the pockets. These paper clips can be simple or very interactive. Great for happy mail, a bag topper, size for tea bags if you desire to just use as a gift embellishment! A super fun project that uses a lot of paper but doesn’t take a lot of time. 

Happy paper crafting!


Owner Espresso Press Design.