You are currently viewing Interactive Folio 12×12’s #5

Interactive Folio 12×12’s #5

Interactive Folio

This easy little folio has a fun interactive flip, enough pockets and space to customize. It folds nice and flat. Add as much or as little as you want to make it your own.

Pocket Pouches

What you’ll need:

12×12″ scrap book paper, double sided.

Scoreboard or scoring tool.



A non directional paper is best. Begin with your 12″x12″ and score at 4″ and 8″. Make a quarter turn and score at 6″. 

Fold your paper and cut as shown in the tutorial. Complete the other folds and flips as shown also. Finally glue as directed and your folio is finished. 

With more scraps you can create additional pockets and inserts. Add to the cover or leave blank. A closure is not really necessary.

This project is an easy basic, hope it inspires you.

Happy paper crafting!


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