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Mini Pocket Folder

Sweet Nothings

I often try to create multi-purpose paper crafts that can be used for junk journals or planners but can also appeal to other paper crafters. I also send a lot of gifts and cards.

This week I wanted to make some cheer me up gifts as a little mid winter pick me up for friends that I haven’t written to in a while. I came up with the idea of a mini pocket folder holding tea, some sweet little sentiments, poems, verses or notes. I used the DIY wax vellum technique. Keeping in mind it is Valentine month; I wanted them to be very pretty so I did some fancy corners and some ties with ribbon and lace. The pink ribbon is stapled and the lace ribbon is glued to the backside to run under the triangle flap. The staple was easier to do and made for a more sturdy enclosure. I also just used a paper clip for one. A closure isn’t necessary on the tiny ones, it just depends on what you want to put in them.

These can also be re-used to hold business cards, lists, photos or whatever someone might keep in their purse. 

These are very easy to make and I made them in several sizes, some are 6×9″ and some are 4.5×6″ but they can be any size or shape.

I hope my friends will enjoy these little keepsakes as much as I did making them.

Tip: Choose your paper carefully. I chose designs that looked good regardless of direction but when choosing paper with text be sure it runs parallel or sideways to the edge, this way you don’t have to worry about upside down text as you fold the paper. You can use double sided paper or just decorate the inside with stencils or stamps as shown below.

It is just a few simple folds, vertically and horizontally first. Then fold in the corners as if you are making a paper airplane, glue these triangles down as they will form your pockets as shown by the pink shading at left. Run a thin line of glue down the center as shown by the dark pink line and then fold this larger triangle flap up. Make your final fold as if it is a little book.



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