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Make Something Right Now

Declutter, Reuse, Recycle and Change Habits

After my daughter outgrew kid projects but before the family craft room became my own space one of the things I loved about it was that it was a restful and well organized place to create.

Enter paper crafting, especially junk journals and all of that changed. Now I find myself with too much paper (and tool) clutter that is interfering with actual creating. 

I decided that some discipline was in order and if I do keep a scrap piece of paper it was going to be made in to something immediately, at least an interim something that can easily be stored and embellished later. 

In this video I give all the tips I have come up with and use regularly to keep scraps to a minimum and preferably not to have to store them at all. 

I hope it inspires you to do some spring cleaning in the craft room and maybe help to keep the paper clutter to a minimum in the future.


Owner Espresso Press Design.